Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PDF Review release notes

Register @ TodayAll versions added to the iTunes store are reviewed and tested by Apple. This can take some time depending on the number of submitted applications. Below you can see all releases and their status.

PDF Review 2.4 (released)
- iOS 7 Fix: feedback text not visible (iPad only).

PDF Review 2.3 (released)
- iOS 5.1 Fix for crash when using buttons from the master view in portrait mode on iPad.

PDF Review 2.2 (released)
- iOS 5.1 compatible make swipe to right work for browse pages
- Configure dropbox folder used by PdfReview
- Add comments to report instead of separate file
- Display annotation for feedback applied to the whole page
- Open report as preview
- Extract pages 

PDF Review 2.1 (released)
- Fix to display rotated pdf pages correctly

PDF Review 2.0 (released)
- Improved user interface.
- PDF Review is now available for iPhone and iPod touch.
- Feedback window now positions differently (on iPad) so the pdf text is visible below the window.
- Row and area markers can be repositioned.
- Configurable what will be exported in the settings window.
- Review info extended with creation date, export date and review status.
- Date added to feedback sheets of review report.
- Free version updated with all new functionality.

PDF Review 1.4 (released)
- Dropbox integration; save report, open pdf and import feedback from Dropbox.

PDF Review 1.3 (released)
- iTunes file sharing to export review information and import pdf documents.
- New marker for selecting a rectangular area.
- Improved marker graphics with different colors per severity.
- Rename pdf files.
- Improved pdf navigation; select page number and remembers last page when re-open pdf.
- Show feedback popup when taped in portrait mode.
-New feature to write comments for the whole document. Useful for writing a summary of a book or paper.
- Larger feedback description area below feedback list.
- Improved review report: the feedback and action list is now in table format.

PDF Review 1.2 (released)
- Import feedback from other reviewers
- Review information (statistics)
- Feedback actions functionality added
- PDF browsing animated page flip
- Reviewer name included with the feedback
- Mail now contains: original PDF, import feedback file and PDF review report
- Improved feedback sheets in PDF review report
- Settings to configure severity and action titles and change your reviewer name.
- Several minor issues resolved

PDF Review 1.1 (released)
- fixed broken link in email, annotated PDF is now attached correctly
- page containing whole page feedback is now added to the annotated PDF
- Feedback list is now included in the annotated PDF and email

Thanks for your valuable feedback.


goodie said...

A great application / business tool. I have just used this app to review 4x200+ page Tech design documents and it has saved me a lot of time and the authors were impressed with me providing an indexed snapshot of the pages relating to the comments ( it will also save them time).
Suggestions I have are:
1. Look for ways to improve the presentation of the review comments in the review PDF (the email presentation is fine, however the first section in the PDF is not very user friendly - a table format would be much better).
2. I need the ability to use iTunes ( or other) to extract the application outputs (XMLs & PDFs) directly from my iPad to my pc. This is due to some of the documents I review being confidential and my employer would not be impressed with me using gmail (or the like) to send feedback through.
Otherwise thank you for a great app.

Sander Weltje said...

New release 1.3 is available for download now. For the list of features and improvements see the release notes.
Thanks all for the valuable feedback.

Tarn said...

Hi. Is it possible to review and add comments to landscape documents? When I try to do this it seems to rotate the document to portrait?

Sander Weltje said...

Hi Tarn,
Yes it should be possible to have landscape documents. If the page within the pdf is in landscape it should be displayed in landscape as well as show in this picture

If you still have problems with your document you can send it to sander.weltje at and I can try to help you.

Red Maple said...

I have just installed PDF Review on my iPad2 and set up DropBox integration. When I try to open a PDF file in my Dropbox, however, all I get is an empty list. What have I missed? So far I have been unable to use the program for anything.

Sander Weltje said...

Hi Red Maple. The application uses dropbox and looks for a folder called PdfReview, all pdf files in that folder can be opened. To open a pdf from dropbox you first need to create the PdfReview folder (if it not already exists) and add your pdf there. The application shall then list the file.

This wasn't clearly stated in the help and I will update this for the next release.

I hope you find the application useful and don't hesitate to post a question if you need more help.

Kind regards,

Red Maple said...

Thanks, Sander. Once I set up my Dropbox folder, all was fine.
Susan (aka Red Maple)

lankadawson said...

I can't seem to get the area tool to work on my iPad

Great program

Sander Weltje said...

Hi lankadawson.

To use the area tool you need to do the following.
- Select the are marker from the toolbar (picture of an area with two dots should be visible)
- Hold down two fingers simultaneously and don't move your fingers for 2-3 seconds.
- A rectangle should appear and you can position and size it with the your two fingers. (it is easier if you make a large area when you put your two fingers on the screen so you can see the rectangle clearly appear)

Please let me know if it works for you or if you have other questions.

Kind regards,

Jason said...

Hi and thanks for making an app dedicated to actually reviewing, and not just annotating, PDFs. I've used it for a few docs so far and have these comments to share (which may be incorrect, so tell me if I just missed something):

1. I love the area tool and being able to place a box anywhere I want. I'd like to be able to have the option to move or alter the shape of the box after adding my note, maybe by tapping and holding and then dragging the box around slightly or something. That would be better than having to copy my note text, delete the note, and then recreate a new box and paste the note back.

2. With regard to adding a comment for the entire page by using the + button, I can't seem to find a way to edit or add to that text later, since there's no line or box to tap on to select it. Can perhaps edits be made by selecting notes within the feedback menu and making changes in that little preview of the note at the bottom?

3. Is it possible to have a setting to make including the original PDF and the XML files in an email be optional? I personally only have a need to return a copy that has my comments and that's it.

4. When making a note, that pop-up window typically blocks the area about which I'm commenting. Maybe the note window could be repositionable? Or maybe the page could reposition itself somehow so that the place I've highlighted always appears above my note window. That way, I can refer back to the text in question as I write my note.

Thanks for reading. Like the app so far.

Sander Weltje said...

HI Jason,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. Some of the request you have can be done already and the others I like to add in the next release.

1. Good suggestion. Currently its not possible but i will make this available in the next release.

2. This is possible, when you touch and hold with one finger an item in the feedback menu the edit feedback popup will appear allowing you to edit it.

3. This can be done in the following way. When the e-mail is created you can edit the e-mail and delete the attachments you don't want to send. This is extra work you have to do before sending an e-mail and I think its better if there will be an option available, so I will add it to the next release also.

4. Good idea, currently its not available. I will add this in the next release so the popup is positioned elsewhere and don't block the text you want to give feedback on.

Kind regards,

Jason said...

Hi Sander,

Thanks very much for being so responsive. I look forward to continuing to use your nice app.

Anonymous said...

I have a 26 page PDF....about 60 comments/notes.
When I try to save to my Dropbox, it says it is generating a PDF but will never finish it.... It can go on for hours.
I have turned off my iPad and tried this a few times with the same results. I even tried renaming te file. I cannot get it to save there. There is a file that appears after some time, but it's obviously corrupt or didn't finish saving, as it's a jumble of code and text.
When I sake the same document and e-mail it, it appears to work fine.
Any ideas?
This s a cool and very useful app if I can get it to save in th Dropbox.

Sander Weltje said...

Hi Anonymous,

Do you have the problem saving to Dropbox with one particular pdf or do you have the problem with other pdf's as well?

There are a few things you can try. From the settings window unlink and link your dropbox account to make sure it is set up correctly. Check if Dropbox is working by uploading a file to it with another tool then PdfReview. Check if the 'PdfReview' folder is available on your DropBox account.

Please let me know if it worked.

Anonymous said...

A Great application. is it posibilly to ad support for filebrowser so you could save back documents to is original location

Anonymous said...

Excellent PDF reviewing tool!
I love it because reviews can be shared and updated by multiple users accessing to dropbox.

However, with IOS7, unable to key in SPACE and read what you type in.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan and use it all the time!!!

The issue with IOS 7 is indeed the space and reading the text when commenting.

Hope this can be solved soon!

Sander Weltje said...

There was indeed a problem with iOS7. Currently a new version of PdfReview is submitted to the AppStore.
After the review process from Apple is finished the new PdfReview 2.4 will be available for download.