Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PDF Review

Pdf Review is an annotation tool for pdf that has an ordered list containing the feedback and notes without obfuscating the original pdf. Pdf Review supports the full review workflow. Reviewers can easily add feedback with a single tap and send an organized report to the author. The author can merge all feedback into a single list and assign actions to them.

PDF Review - Sander Weltje

If you need support, have a questions or feature request you can add a comment to this post and I will reply as soon as possible. You can also contact me by e-mail using the e-mail link in my profile.

You can download the full pdf help file here.


Anonymous said...

It looks very nice!!

Anonymous said...

very useful, especially the sorted list with feedback. It's more useful for reviewing than other annotation applications.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Door zijn eenvoud en overzichtelijkheid een enorm gebruikersgemak!
Graag bij update wel enkele verbeteringen doorvoeren:
1) In feedbackscherm de omvang van het witte leesscherm standaard groter maken zodat grotere teksten minder snel om scrollen vragen.

2) Bij aanklikken annotatienummer in document de tekst van de annotatie kunnen lezen, nu kan dat alleen via het feedbackscherm

3) Markeerstreep heeft vaste omvang en breedte. Als standaardoptie prima maar graag ook mogelijkheid inbouwen dat meerdere regels of een alinea gemarkeerd kunnen worden of een enkel woord. Terugvinden op welk woord of welke alinea de annotatie berekking heeft wordt dan makkelijker.

Sander Weltje said...

Bedankt voor de verbeteringen. Ze worden meegenomen in de volgende release.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to add the possibility to skip to a given page number. With large files it can be a pain to keep flipping pages.

To give the possibility to change the file name of a document would be useful too.

To add bookmarks could also be useful.

Anonymous said...

This app does nothing but CRASH. Downloaded it today never used. Want my $.99 back--very disappointed chose your app over many others.

Sander Weltje said...

There is a bug in iOS 5.1 which make the current version crash. I posted an update to work around this bug and this is currently being reviewed by Apple. The update should be available in a week or so.

The app crashes when you hold the iPad in portrait mode and use the buttons from the expanded view on the left. If you hold it in landscape mode it works.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

I think this application is awesome. Any chance of an OSX version? :) I would pay $10 for an osx version that I could give to my technical writer to manage all the feedback from the various iPads :) also not everyone on the team has an iPad (they all have macs though)

Thanks for the awesome.

Craig J. Perea said...

The apps is very nice! Specially the feedback system takes the apps to the pinnacle of choice. Hope to see different apps post more here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sander,
I have recently purchased an iPad mini on IOS7 and am not able to see the feedback text box when reviewing a document.
Are you able to provide any advice (eg. IOS7 issue or iPad mini compatibility issue?)

Sander Weltje said...

There was indeed a problem with iOS7. Currently a new version of PdfReview is submitted to the AppStore.

After the review process from Apple is finished the new PdfReview 2.4 will be available for download.

Anonymous said...

Can the feedback pane be hidden in landscape view? I want the text tobe larger sometimes, but using landscape is less width for the document to show than portriat. If the feedback pane had a button to show or hide that would fix the problem.

Webbles said...

This software is fantastic for annotating financials etc and sending for comment. It's simple for more basic users (eg. board members) but thorough enough for savier users in finance preparing the doc. Is there any chance that you have a version that would suit a PC though? We've got users without ipad access and it would make life so much easier to allow them access between both their Pc's, their ipads and their macs (if they have them).