Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PDF Review

Pdf Review is an annotation tool for pdf that has an ordered list containing the feedback and notes without obfuscating the original pdf. Pdf Review supports the full review workflow. Reviewers can easily add feedback with a single tap and send an organized report to the author. The author can merge all feedback into a single list and assign actions to them.

PDF Review - Sander Weltje

If you need support, have a questions or feature request you can add a comment to this post and I will reply as soon as possible. You can also contact me by e-mail using the e-mail link in my profile.

You can download the full pdf help file here.

Video / Screenshots

PDF Review release notes

Register @ TodayAll versions added to the iTunes store are reviewed and tested by Apple. This can take some time depending on the number of submitted applications. Below you can see all releases and their status.

PDF Review 2.4 (released)
- iOS 7 Fix: feedback text not visible (iPad only).

PDF Review 2.3 (released)
- iOS 5.1 Fix for crash when using buttons from the master view in portrait mode on iPad.

PDF Review 2.2 (released)
- iOS 5.1 compatible make swipe to right work for browse pages
- Configure dropbox folder used by PdfReview
- Add comments to report instead of separate file
- Display annotation for feedback applied to the whole page
- Open report as preview
- Extract pages 

PDF Review 2.1 (released)
- Fix to display rotated pdf pages correctly

PDF Review 2.0 (released)
- Improved user interface.
- PDF Review is now available for iPhone and iPod touch.
- Feedback window now positions differently (on iPad) so the pdf text is visible below the window.
- Row and area markers can be repositioned.
- Configurable what will be exported in the settings window.
- Review info extended with creation date, export date and review status.
- Date added to feedback sheets of review report.
- Free version updated with all new functionality.

PDF Review 1.4 (released)
- Dropbox integration; save report, open pdf and import feedback from Dropbox.

PDF Review 1.3 (released)
- iTunes file sharing to export review information and import pdf documents.
- New marker for selecting a rectangular area.
- Improved marker graphics with different colors per severity.
- Rename pdf files.
- Improved pdf navigation; select page number and remembers last page when re-open pdf.
- Show feedback popup when taped in portrait mode.
-New feature to write comments for the whole document. Useful for writing a summary of a book or paper.
- Larger feedback description area below feedback list.
- Improved review report: the feedback and action list is now in table format.

PDF Review 1.2 (released)
- Import feedback from other reviewers
- Review information (statistics)
- Feedback actions functionality added
- PDF browsing animated page flip
- Reviewer name included with the feedback
- Mail now contains: original PDF, import feedback file and PDF review report
- Improved feedback sheets in PDF review report
- Settings to configure severity and action titles and change your reviewer name.
- Several minor issues resolved

PDF Review 1.1 (released)
- fixed broken link in email, annotated PDF is now attached correctly
- page containing whole page feedback is now added to the annotated PDF
- Feedback list is now included in the annotated PDF and email

Thanks for your valuable feedback.